Quinton Youth for Christ exists to enrich, empower & equip young people in partnership with the local community.


Working within the structures of the community we aim to support:

Young people

We believe that for young people to achieve their potential, two things are needed; positive self worth and high aspirations. We want to engage with young people in a variety of locations and want to provide a safe space where they can belong.

We also believe what Jesus said that he came to Give life and life to the full. As well as helping young people achieve their potential we also give opportunities to explore the Christian faith and what Jesus says about life. We are about seeing young people’s lives changed by Jesus.

Local Schools

We support Four Dwellings Primary Academy, Worlds End Junior School, Woodhouse Primary School? and Perryfields Primary School by running transition clubs for year six pupils to prepare them for the transition to secondary school.


Working in partnership is incredibly important to us and we have and continue to partner with many different organisations. We aim to support the work that others are doing and collectively identify areas of need for different partners to address. We also collaborate in different work so that we can have the greatest impact and share resources.

Inclusivity Statement

We are a Christian charity operating out of our values of love, empowerment, dignity and restoration. However, young people can engage in our activities no matter their faith, gender, sexuality or family background. Their attendance at our provision is not dependant on them becoming Christians. Although we seek to share God’s love with the young people, in many settings this is not shared explicitly due to the inappropriateness and abuse of the setting (e.g. in mentoring).